Our 400th Amazon Review

Our portable, travel lock-box just received it's 400th review on Amazon!

We are beyond grateful for the all feedback we are receiving from our customers throughout the world. Although our lockbox was designed to be used in an almost endless number of ways, there are a few uses that we'd love to highlight today. Below you will find some of our favorite recent reviews from 7 perfect places to use a portable safe this summer.

SAFEGO's portable safe for the beach
By: Matt Beaty on April 30th, 2017
Best purchase I've made in a long time. We used this on our honeymoon and didn't have to worry about our valuables while on the beach. Just strap it to something that's not going far and this perfect. Easy to program your own code as well as it has keys. We will use this every time we go to the beach or pool. If you are looking for peace of mind when you go somewhere this is it.

SAFEGO's portable safe for international travel
By: Lisa H. on April 22nd, 2017
This is the greatest invention ever! We used it while we were traveling! There is lots of room in the container...money, passport, cell phones, wallet.

SAFEGO's portable safe for the gym or park
By: Valeria S. on March 30th, 2017
I use it every day when I workout. I train in a park that suggest you not leave valuables in your car. I am able to lock up my phone and wallet in a place I can keep an eye on it but not have to have it weighing me down during my workout. It was the perfect solution to my problem.

SAFEGO's portable safe for a cruise
By: Vizslamom on May 4th, 2017
I purchased the white SAFEGO for our Walt Disney Cruise per suggestion from a fellow cruiser. We used the SAFEGO while on the ship on the pool deck. The portable safe attached easily to a chair's leg and by being white it blended into our towels. My husband was asked by a few fellow cruising parents about our little portable safe. He was very happy to share the details and where we purchased our SAFEGO. Thank you AMAZON Prime for your quick and timely delivery! The portable safe is user friendly and transported nicely in our backpacks for the excursions we took. I would happily and highly recommend the SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe!

SAFEGO's portable safe for a hotel or resort
By: JMS on March 23rd, 2017
Just what I needed - easy to use, kept our passports and extra credit cards safe in our hotel room. I did not expect it to keep out serious criminals with bolt cutters :)
Attached it to the couch, so unless the cable was cut, it would have to have been furniture mover-thieves

SAFEGO's portable safe for the pool
By: Amazon Shopper Mama on May 3rd, 2017
This portable safe is fantastic! We just took it to Mexico with us and it was such a useful item. We were able to store our phones and tip money in it without having to worry while we were in the pool or ocean. It was easy to attach to a chair or umbrella. We used the combination code instead of the keys. I would definitely recommend!

SAFEGO's portable safe for waterparks 
By: Kate on April 28th, 2017
I purchased this for my daughter to take to an indoor waterpark, and although all of the young men thought that it was silly, the young women that she was with found it to be a great product. It held for cell phones and several other personal items from the young ladies. I even find the product to be "cute" and can see it being used as a quirky purse. I would recommend this product.



"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"