Gun Safes for Cars

Theft of guns from cars is surging in the United States. As guns sales have continued to increase, so has the number of people leaving their guns in their cars without properly securing them in a safe, vault, or lock-box.

Most of law enforcement nationwide agrees that leaving any weapon in one’s vehicle is just a bad idea. Cars in general are a bad place to leave anything considered valuable, and even worse for unsecured firearms. In addition to the monetary loss, stolen weapons pose a very serious future threat as thieves could use them to harm innocent people.

Gun owners across the country are already taking the proper steps for purchasing and carrying their firearms. Now all owners need to make sure to take the proper steps for security and storage as well.

Guns theft and guns stolen from cars in the USPolice data shows thefts of firearms from vehicles are rising in many large cities (The Trace)

Recent research conducted estimates up to 600,000 stolen guns in the United States every year. From 2014 to 2015, guns stolen from vehicles increased more than 20% in 10 difference cities. Tampa, Seattle, Colorado Springs, and St. Petersburg lead the country with 133%, 80%, 77%, and 74% increases respectively. 

Since cars are undoubtedly not meant to act as a safe, authorities across the nation are suggesting adding additional security devices in cars. The ideal product would provide you with immediate accessibility to your firearm for emergency situations, but deter and prevent burglary from thieves breaking into the car when you're not around.

If you are a gun owner living in a state with laws allowing storage in a car, you need to look into purchasing either a portable safe or lockbox for your vehicle.

Some gun owners prefer lock boxes that can be anchored down, while others want something portable that they bring in and out with ease. If your preference is portability, look for something lightweight and smaller in size.  Biometric gun safes are another good option, which use fingerprint technology which ensures that you are the only one that can open the locked safe. 

Adding a layer of security to your car or truck has many benefits - reducing theft and even potentially saving lives. Depending on state laws, car safes can also solve the problem of interstate traveling with guns or firearms. Each state has different laws, which you can read about here. Laws are constantly changing, so be sure to always make sure you are up to date with local, state, and national laws when carrying, concealing, or transporting your firearm(s).  

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