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SAFEGO featured by USA Today as one of the best gadgets and apps help you travel worry-free

More than eight out of 10 travelers are anxious about their safety, according to the latest Global Rescue Travel Safety Survey. But for every travel problem, there's a solution. 

"The portable safe. Travelers bring their own safes on the road. A portable lockbox such as Safego (, $39.95), which weighs only 1 pound, can help secure your valuables during outings or add protection in hotel rooms. It can fit all of the important things in your life, including your wallet, phone, a small camera and jewelry. Plus, it's sand- and water-resistant. Don't forget to attach its heavy-duty steel cable to something solid; otherwise, thieves could run off with it." - USA Today

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"