What is SAFEGO?
It’s an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry portable safe for protecting personal items at home, work, recreation or travel.

What are its dimensions?
The SAFEGO case is 7”W (18cm) x 7.5”H (19cm) x 4”D (10cm). The cable is 17 ¾” long (450mm) and 1/4" diameter (6.0mm).

What can you fit in a SAFEGO?
It’s ideal for stowing a wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, camera, keys, ID cards, driver’s license, credit cards, passport, cash, jewelry, medication, or even a handgun or ammunition.

What is SAFEGO made of?
The case is made of high-grade, impact-resistant ABS plastic. ABS plastic is known for its durability, strength and water resistance. The cable is heavy-duty, 1/4” thick, plastic-coated, steel wire that is both strong and flexible. The lock mechanism is made of rust-resistant, nickel-plated Zamak (Zinc Alloy).

What should SAFEGO be hooked to?
The SAFEGO cable can easily be bent around any item that’s either fixed or so big it’d be awkward to move, such as a table leg, fence rung, drawer handle or light pole. It’s similar to locking up a bike.

What are some typical applications for SAFEGO?
We’ve been amazed at some of the creative ways that SAFEGO has been used. Originally, we designed this portable safe for people traveling, but our customers have shown us it has many other applications too. Consider these uses:

  • At an outdoor basketball court or tennis courts (locked to a fence)

  • At the beach or pool (locked to a chair, chaise lounge, or umbrella)

  • At the gym, (locked to a chair or the pole of a basketball hoop)

  • On the golf course (locked to the cart)

  • At work (locked to a desk or cabinet)

  • At college dorms and sleep-away camp (locked to a desk, bed or dresser)

  • On a boat or cruise ship (locked to a cabinet handle or lounge chair)

  • In a shopping cart (locked to the child seat)

  • In a casino (locked to a stool or chair)

  • At home to hold medications, jewelry and bullets (locked to a bar in a closet)

  • In a car or truck

What makes SAFEGO unique?
SAFEGO has a patent for its functional design. More than any other safe on the market, it is lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Is the SAFEGO foolproof?
Unfortunately, no safe is. With the right tools and enough time, just about any lock can be defeated. While SAFEGO does provide a strong measure of security, it also serves as a deterrent. If a thief has a choice between stealing an exposed wallet or Smartphone and one that he can’t see in a locked, secured, portable safe like SAFEGO, he’ll take the easy option.

Is SAFEGO waterproof?
The ABS plastic makes it water and weather resistant, but not technically waterproof because it shouldn't be fully submerged.

If dropped, will SAFEGO break?
No, it’s made of rugged, impact-resistant, ABS plastic, which won’t crack or burst open if dropped or stepped on.

Do you offer any warranty?
SAFEGO is guaranteed for 90 days from date of purchase. Should you have any problem with your item during that time, please contact us regarding repair or replacement. 

How does the lock work on SAFEGO?
SAFEGO offers you two options on the lock:  a three-digit combination lock, which you can easily set to any combination you’d like; AND a key lock. The lock is built into the SAFEGO case, which makes it more secure than a separate locking feature.  We own a patent on its design.

How do you set the combination?
Setting the lock combination is very simple, and we do include instructions with each SAFEGO. You can view the instructions on how to set your combination in the manual here.

What happens if I forget my combination?
You can use the key to re-open. 

Where do people use SAFEGO?
All over the world. Just check here to see where some of our customers have placed their orders.

How many colors does SAFEGO come in?
It’s available in four colors – white, black, pink and blue.

Can I use SAFEGO to transport my gun when I fly?
Yes. SAFEGO adheres to TSA's guidelines in order to help travelers transport their firearms and ammunition when flying. Here is a complete list of TSA's guidelines. 

Can SAFEGOs be purchased in for resale?
Yes. Please complete our wholesale request form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How much does a SAFEGO portable safe cost?
We’ve done our best to make SAFEGO extremely affordable. The price is $39.95 plus shipping, which is truly a bargain if you think of the potential cost and hassle of having your valuables stolen.

How can I order a SAFEGO?
You can order it online here.

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