Original SAFEGO

Compact SAFEGO

Exterior dimensions

 7"(w)  x 7.5"(h) x 4"(l)

3"(w)x 8"(h) x 5"(l)

Interior dimensions

 6"(w) x 6.5"(h) x 3"(l)

2.5"(w) x 7.5"(h) x 4"(l)
Cable length


Weight 1.3 lbs 1.7 lbs

SAFEGO has a unique, innovative-patented design. It's made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, making this invention durable, lightweight, and water resistant.  The heavy-duty steel cable is plastic-coated, flexible, and easily secures to almost anything.

Earphone Access
SAFEGO has an earphone plug opening that lets you listen to your music and keep your electronics protected from weather or hazardous conditions. 

SAFEGO lox boxes can be opened with a custom combination or key. The lock mechanism is rust-resistant, made of nickel-plated zinc alloy. It comes with a wrist coil band (black) and 2 keys.

Available colors
Pink, Blue, Black, White, Gold, Green

90-day warranty included

Download Product Manual (English)

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