Portable Safes

SAFEGO is a portable and lightweight travel safe, functioning as both an outdoor key safe and a custom combination lock-box. Use SAFEGO in any setting and protect your smart phone, keys, cash, wallet, camera, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. With its high quality features, SAFEGO can virtually attach to anything, allowing for either key or keyless entry.

Withstand White Portable Safe
$ 39.95
SAFEGO is the ultimate lightweight theft deterrent, specifically designed to store and secure all of your personal belongings in any situation.
Brazen Blue Portable Safe
$ 39.95
Tired of always worrying about your valuables at the beach, park, or gym? Use SAFEGO's adjustable cord to lock away your cash, phone, and keys anywhere you are.  
Guardian Gold Portable Safe
Sold out
Let the gold be your guardian. Wherever you are, SAFEGO's over-sized lock box will protect all of your essentials.  
Barricade Black Portable Safe
Sold out
Keep your phone, wallet, medicine, jewelry, camera and other belongings secure with SAFEGO. No matter where you are, SAFEGO has you covered.
Protective Pink Portable Safe
$ 39.95
Perfect for kids and adults, SAFEGO is the ideal way to safeguard your cell phone, passport, credit cards, medicine, jewelry, and more.
SAFEGO Portable Safes (5 Pack)
$ 150.00 $ 199.75
Can't decide which color you like? Save over $50 by ordering a 5 Pack and get 1 of each color. Each 5 Pack comes with 1 Black, 1 White, 1 Blue, 1 Gold, and 1 Pink SAFEGO (5 total).   What is SAFEGO? SAFEGO is the ultimate portable safe, perfect fo...