10 Best Portable Safes

Whether you are looking for a portable safe for the beach, pool, office, or car, EZVid's list of the Top 10 Portable Safes has you covered.


First Alert 2030F

✓ A bit larger than most portable security devices
✓ Can withstand 1,550-degree Fahrenheit temperatures

The Southern Homewares Portable Safe
✓ Designed for use in a car or truck
✓ Steel cable

King Glade Air Freshener Diversion Safe
✓ Diversion safe
✓ Looks identical to standard Glade can
✓ Ideal to stash away cash, and jewelry

PacSafe Travelsafe GII
✓ Lightweight
✓ Flattens when not in use
✓ Easily fits in backpack or briefcase
✓ Steel mesh reinforced sides

First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe
✓ 5-year warranty
✓ Ideal for keeping a gun safely tucked away
✓ Good for vehicles (cars and trucks)
✓ Features mounting holes for permanent installation

Dictionary Diversion Secret Book
✓ Diversion safe
✓ Looks exactly like an English dictionary
✓ Great for secret storage
✓ Steel reinforced lock-box

SAFEGO Portable Lock Box Safe
SAFEGO is made from lightweight, durable ABS plastic. It's large enough for storage at home or in an office, but also compact enough to travel in your luggage or car.
✓ Rust-resistant locking mechanism
✓ Nickel-plated zinc alloy lock
✓ Perfect for the beach or pool

✓ Adjustable steel cable
✓ Available in black, white, gold, pink, and blue

FlexSafe by Aquavault
✓ Side storage pouches
✓ Can be worn on your belt
✓ Fits most bike frames

SentrySafe P008E Compact Safe
✓ Uses a digital keypad
✓ Comes with a pair of keys
✓ Steel tether cable
✓ Carrying handle

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