Coolest College Dorm Room Products

In the market for cool and unique college dorm room products? Or need some design inspiration? We've scoured the internet looking for clever, new products so you can make the most of your dorm room or college apartment. From style to gadgets to storage, check out some of our favorite products below. 

Style your dorm room

With limited space, try over-sized wall art and full length mirrors to make your room appear larger than it is. Two awesome products we recommend are:
Pattern Wall Tile Decals by Blik 
Oversized Framed Mirrors by Pottery Barn

    Organize your desk and walls

    You're going to have limited space, so you'll need to eliminate any excess clutter.
    - 24" White Wall Shelf with 3 Hooks and Paper Holder by Nexxt
    Adjustable natural wood desktop organizer

    Adjustable closet and shelf storage

    You'll have to get crafty is you want to maximize the space of your room or closet. 
    Closet shelves and racks by Whitmor
    Hanging Closet Storage Organizer by Honey Can Do

    Gadgets for your laptop or tablet

    We get it, you're probably tired of sitting at a desk and listening to your professor ramble on. Get some of your reading and studying done while relaxing on your bed with some of these gadgets for your laptop or iPad.
    Adjustable Laptop and Tablet Table Stand by Pwr+
    iPad Air and iPad Pro Protection Case with Stand by Targus

    Other awesome gadgets for your dorm room

    Polk Swimmer is a Bluetooth wireless speaker that's waterproof and can be used in the shower or outdoors. With it's flexible tail, you can attach it to almost anything and it easily connects with your iPhone or iPad. 

    If you have trouble sleeping at night because it's too hot outside or if your A/C unit is off for the winter, check out this cool desktop fan and mini air circulator.

    Mini safes and lock boxes for dorm rooms

    Keeping your cash, checks, credit cards, medicine, and other private belongings safe can be difficult in college dorms, fraternities, and sororities. As theft on college campuses continues to rise, it's definitely worth investing in a small safe or lock box. Although we are bias and think SAFEGO's Portable Safe is the best option for your closet, here are a few other safes to consider. 
    - Closet Security Safe by AmazonBasics
    Hidden Shelf Safe by QuickShelf

    Know of some other awesome products college students should buy? Send us a message so we can feature them in an upcoming blog post. We love learning about other cool, new inventions.

    "This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"