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A Portable Safe for the Beach

How it Rates:

Usefulness: 9/10
It’s easy to set the lock and secure the safe to a beach chair with the cable, and there’s even an ear-plug opening so you can keep listening to music when your phone is locked away. However, the safe is not 100% waterproof and water will get inside if it’s submerged.

Value: 8/10
For $39.95 it’s not a bargain, but it’s cheaper than some of the other portable safes on the market. Besides, when it comes to keeping your valuables from being stolen, you shouldn’t mind paying more for a quality safe.

Portability: 9/10
It’s pretty light for its size and its easy to carry around by the cord.

Final verdict
The SAFEGO is a functional and portable safe that’s not only perfect for trips to the beach, but could also be used in hotel rooms and hostels. Though I wouldn’t go dunking it underwater, the hard plastic shell of the safe and the steel cable locking mechanism are very sturdy.

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"