The Grommet

We are proud to announce that SAFEGO has been featured on The Grommet.  Earlier this week was the introduction of SAFEGO to the site, The Grommet. Only 3% of products submitted to The Grommet get the opportunity to be featured, and we were thrilled to find out a few months ago that we were one of them. The Grommet is all about discovering what’s next. They focus on sharing unique products with a purpose, so it is an honor to see our product launched alongside so many other great inventions.

The Grommet - SAFEGO Outdoor Safe

The Grommet picks their top products based on three rules.

First, they must be true innovators.
Second, they must have a rich story to share. 
Third, they must be built on strong values.

The Grommet believes business is meaningful, and that business people have the responsibility to shape the world. Consumers also play an incredible role, as they decide which businesses to support. The support we have received along the way since our launch in November is truly humbling, but we know the journey has only begun.

SAFEGO was started with the goal of providing a reliable product to help protect customers all around the world. We want you to feel safe wherever you are and not have to worry about your belongings. Whether you’re at the beach, park, or even at the office, you should be able to experience the day not having to worry if your ‘stuff’ is safe.

 Click here to view SAFEGO on The Grommet

"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"