Why We Decided to List Our Portable Safe on Amazon

As entrepreneurs, we have patented and produced both the Vacation Vault and the new SAFEGO portable safes, and Amazon is the first place we consider for online sales.

However, we are going to focus on our Amazon sales. Why? Because Amazon is striving to be the ideal platform for the inventors, start-ups, and basically the next generation of consumer products and gadgets. No other platform exists that focuses more on selling others’ products, which is why SAFEGO is currently being offered through Amazon.

An estimated 2 billion items were shipped in 2014 from third-party sellers, and we think that our outdoor travel safe can be apart of that statistic in the future.

Amazon offers the amazing convenience with their fulfillment and shipping program (also known as FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon), which is basically a “you sell it and they ship it” model. This option also gives the seller the opportunity to provide products to buyers who use Amazon Prime and receive the free 2 day shipping benefit.

SAFEGO is sold for $39.95, and unlike most security lock boxes, our product comes in 4 popular colors - white, black, pink, and blue.  

SAFEGO is considered the most functional of all portable safes due to the unique heavy-duty steel cable that attaches to almost anything. It is lightweight and secures valuables in the most populated areas, such as beaches, pools, hotels, cruises, parks, etc. You can secure this durable lock-box to beach chairs, fences, poles, umbrellas, and so much more.

"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"