What type of safe should I buy?

Buying a safe? Here are the different types of safes you should consider.

Imagine you leave your house to have a nice and quiet family dinner in a new restaurant that just opened up. Now, the last thing you are thinking about is someone breaking into your house and the possibility of coming home to find all your most precious and valuable items to be missing.

In the FBI 2016 Crime Statistics, the trend shows property crime declined by 1.3 percent when compared to the 2015 statistics. But, even though home burglary rates have been on a steady decline in the US, many still unsafe about leaving their items out in the open, reason why “home safe” purchase has been in the rise. Luckily, there are ways to protect your valuable items!

How valuable are the items you are placing in the safe? This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself while doing “home safe” research. With such a broad market for safes, you need first to identify which items will you be storing, may be important documents, jewelry, and even a gun.

Second, which type of safe do you require? They are hidden wall safes, which you can place behind a piece of artwork or hanging mirror, for this type of safe placement is crucial. Floor safes, you can place these under a sofa or rug. And there are gun safes. These are typically made from heavy duty, solid steel designed to keep firearms out of reach.

Measure before going shopping for safes, don’t underestimate how much space you need, make sure is big enough to safeguard your items but small enough to be easy to hide away. Also, create a budget, some safes can be inexpensive but additional features can rank up the price fast, especially if looking for higher quality steel, dial locks or digital locks. Some companies might offer a warranty at an additional cost which can also be used to cover the cost of stolen valuables.

Placement, placement, placement! The place where you keep your valuables might not be the best place to put your safe in. The master bedroom is the most popular location, which also creates a bigger target as thieves are more likely to search there for expensive items. In the end, it is really about personality and how at ease are you from having your items closer or farther away from you. 

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