Are hotel safes really as secure as we think?

Are hotel safes really as secure as we think? How much can you really trust the safes during your next stay at a hotel? Let’s explore what we should and should not lock in our hotel rooms.

There are many valuable items to carry with you when you travel. These items include passports, cash, jewelry, cameras, etc. Before simply locking your valuables inside the hotel room safe, be sure to evaluate both the hotel and the device itself.

There are many types of hotel safe lock types: key locks, mechanical combinations, and electronic are the most popular.

Key locks tend to be very sturdy, but the key can be copied very easily allowing intruders easy access to your goods.

Electronic locks have easy system overrides that hotel staffs know how to use just in case any of the guests forget or accidentally set the wrong combination. Have you ever set the wrong combination or had an issue opening your electronic safe? If so, you’ve probably seen how easy it is for the staff to open up your safe.

Always check to see if the hallways have cameras.

Hallway cameras are naturally a deterrent for any thief within a facility. If you’re looking to bring your own portable safety device rather than use a hotel safe, SAFEGO is an ideal alternative. Portable safes can help store your belongings, while ensuring no hotel staff or outsiders have access keys or codes. Simply wrap the cable around a bed post, closet rod, or other fixture and you’ll be good to go.

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