Upgraded and Fortified

SAFEGO - Formerly Vacation Vault

Formerly known as Vacation Vault, SAFEGO is our new, reinforced, portable security device.

We have decided to end the “vacation.” After hearing so many stories from our customers on how they use their portable safes, we have chosen to re-brand our product to SAFEGO. Although our product is ideal for vacation and travel usage, there are so many other practical uses for a portable safe during everyday life. 

And not just our name has changed. We have made significant enhancements and additions to make SAFEGO the ideal portable safe for any personal use. 


  • Key access +  custom combination code
  • Larger number dials
  • Rust-resistant zinc alloy lock (nickel plated)
  • Rest-resistant key and combination small personal safe


  • 6mm diameter stronger cable
  • Reinforced top
  • Increasing tamper resistance
  • Increasing water resistance


  • Convenient earphone access

 Now available in:

  • Barricade Black
  • Brazen Blue
  • Protective Pink
  • Withstand White

 Still perfect for:

  • Outdoors
  • Beaches
  • Pools
  • Parks
  • Summer camps
  • College dorms
  • Closets
  • Offices
  • Home
  • Cars