Travel Weekly

What's New, What's Hot: August 2016

"Of course, most hotels and motels provide in-room safes, but it never hurts the security-conscious traveler to carry along a portable, personal lock box that can be secured by its own 1/4-inch-thick, plastic-coated steel cable around fixed objects such as a table leg, fence rung, light pole, steering wheel (when the car is not in operation, of course) or even a sturdy beach chair. The SAFEGO, at 7 by 7.5 by 4 inches with a 17 3/4-inch-long cable, makes it a perfect fit for securing personal items such as a wallet, cell phone and/or camera while at home or away. The case is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic; the lock mechanism, which can be opened by key or combination, is made of a rust-resistant, nickel-plated zinc alloy. SAFEGO comes in four colors: white, black, pink and blue."

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"