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SAFEGO Portable Safe (formerly known as Vacation Vault) featured as the #1 product to bring to the beach by Travel Channel

Looking to take your next family vacation or beach visit to a whole new level? Well look no further. Travel Channel has compiled a list of their 10 favorite products to bring to the beach. 

#1) SAFEGO's Portable Travel & Beach Safe

"The most common dilemma about visiting the beach is what to do with your stuff when you take a stroll. Pack it all up? Take a risk of something being stolen? Try to hide it? With the SAFEGO Vacation Vault, you can lock up all of your valuables anytime you need to leave your beach area." - Travel Channel

We couldn't agree more. We designed SAFEGO specifically with the beach in mind. We were sick of stuffing our shoes and shirts with all of our valuables every time we took a dip in the ocean or wanted to take a quick little nap. Simply secure SAFEGO to your lounge chair or umbrella and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Travel Channel's other favorite products for your next beach trip or vacation include: 
- Turtlebacks Beach Coasters
- SeaView Panoramic Snorkel Mask
- The Waves Microfiber Towel
- Coleman's Beach Shade
- Yeti Hopper
- Wine2Go Bag
- Grand Trunk's Parasheet Beach Blanket

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"