15 Must-Have Safety Gadgets Every Solo Traveler Should Own

Source: Thrillist

Whether you’re staying in a stranger-filled hostel or spending a solo day at the beach, you’re going to need some extra layers of protection for your valuables. This portable lock box comes with a heavy-duty steel cable that attaches to your beach chair, nightstand, etc. and a lock that can only be opened with a unique three-digit code or key. Use it to store your phone, money, hotel key, and other small essentials, then go ahead and enjoy your vacation sans stress. 

What reviewers say: “We strung this through two beach chairs as suggested. We put two phones, hotel keys, cash, and credit card in with ample room left over. It was great to wander into the ocean and not have to keep looking back to see if our stuff was still hidden under towels. We are frequent beach vacationers and I am 100% pleased with this purchase. Would definitely buy it again and will give it as a gift to other vacationers.”

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"