Protect Valuables With This Portable Safe

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"Hitting the beach this summer? Keep your valuables — such as your wallet, phone, and keys — safe from damage and thieves with the SAFEGO Portable Safe, discounted by 22 percent to just $34.95for a limited time.

The SAFEGO, which normally retails for $44.95, is perfect for anyone that enjoys an adventurous lifestyle. It’s a small but durable lockbox that’ll keep your most valuable possessions safe while you’re at the beach, camping, or traveling. Simply insert anything you want to protect, lock it up, and then secure it to any fixed object.

With an interior volume of 88 cubic inches, the SAFEGO offers enough space to hold practically anything you need to protect. It’s made with a durable ABS plastic that’ll survive even the heaviest of impacts, the zinc alloy lock is rust resistant, and it even features a convenient earphone opening so you can listen to your music while your device is safely locked away.

There’s almost a limitless number of applications for the SAFEGO, too. Use it at the beach, for hotel stays, while on a cruise, or at the park. Students will love it too as it makes dorm living far more secure. And it’s a must-have item for travelers that plan to stay in youth hostels. Anytime you need to keep a valuable item secure, the SAFEGO is all you’ll need.

The SAFEGO comes in your choice of three colors: Black, White, or Blue. Though they may look different, each offers the same abilities and will keep your treasured possessions safe from harm."

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"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"