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SAFEGO Padlock: One item helps keep your valuables safe while on the go.


“Whether it’s going up the mountain, going up to the beach, we can all use things that make life a little easier. Traveling and being safe, safety comes first right? So many times you’ve got valuables, and there isn’t a lockbox or a safe box in your hotel or wherever you may be. This is made by SAFEGO Padlock and its literally a portable safe. You can use the combination code, or a key, and you basically link this up to something that is not going to be removable. Like the bed post of your hotel room, or if you’re on the beach, to a beach umbrella. Nobody can take it, and you can use either the custom 3-digit combo or the keys if you don’t want to be holding keys.  

Now you can actually go swim and enjoy your day and not have to worry about it.” - AZ Family

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SAFEGO is the safer way to keep your valuables out of reach. Safeguard your cell phone, camera, credit cards, room key, sunglasses and more with our portable safe.

Here are the following features: 

  • Custom combination + key access
  • High impact ABS plastic
  • 6mm heavy-duty steel cable
  • Rust-resistant zinc alloy lock
  • Earphone plug opening
  • Water-resistant  

Price: $39.95


"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"