Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are an adventurer being social distancing and isolation are probably not something that you enjoy. But without the ability to change the global pandemic, there is nothing left to do. Or is there? Of course, traveling is very risky right now, but is there a way to successfully satisfy your need for exploring new places and meeting new people? The answer is yes, and here is how.

Learn a skill

There is probably something you have always wanted to learn, but you never got the chance because of your busy lifestyle. Well, now that all our lives are put on hold for a couple of months, here is your chance! Grab it and hold on to it tightly!

Whether it is something creative like writing or painting, or something that will aid you in your next adventure, acquiring a new skill always comes in handy. 

Although visiting a new town and country is fun and always a unique experience, sometimes you want something else, something more challenging. Maybe you have been talking about a big hiking trip, or you want to make your trips a bit more sport-oriented. Now is your time to practice!

If you are a fishing fan, maybe you can include a fishing trip as soon as the covid19 pandemic is over. If you have never fished before, but these sorts of trips tickle your interest, don’t let not knowing how to fish keep you from this fantastic adventure. With so many different sources on the internet, not only can you learn how to fish, but also teach you a bit more about how to choose and get your fishing equipment ready for your first fishing adventure. 

Read travel books

There is a big similarity when it comes to traveling and reading. While doing both, you get to experience a new world. Yes, a world in books may be fiction or lived through by other people, but reading can make you feel like you are doing all the traveling. 

When you are a massive fan of traveling, reading travel books is probably something you will enjoy the most while being stuck at home. There is something magical about seeing the world through another person’s eyes, especially if the adventure is well written. And lucky for you, there are plenty of books for you to choose from. Here is just a list of the most popular few:

Other travel media for you to consume

Although reading can satisfy someone’s needs for travel content, for others, it will not. But there are other ways to live through beautiful places without leaving your home. Watching movies and listening to podcasts about traveling are just a few ways. There is something exciting about listening to people talk about their travel experiences. The internet is a crowded place, so if you do not know where to start, here are a couple of movies to watch. 

  • Lost in Translation
  • Up in the Air
  • The Beach
  • Midnight in Paris
  • The Way

Another thing that can get you excited about traveling while sitting at home is documentaries. Watching exotic wildlife, flowers, or different cultures can spark a bit of motivation to wait until Coronavirus passes, so you can explore these small worlds yourself. 

Podcasts have been gaining in popularity in the recent years, and there are many travel-related ones, but since they are ongoing, choosing a couple to follow weekly is a smart choice, and here are some favorites:

  • JUMP
  • Andy Steves Travel Podcast
  • Extra Pack of Peanuts
  • Women on the Road
  • On She Goes
  • As Told by Nomads

Plan your next trip

Although we do not know when our lives will continue to go back to what they were before the Covid19 pandemic, it will happen. But the real question is – are you ready to jump on your next trip as soon as everything is virus-free? If you are not, then you just got yourself a task. Plan your next trip. 

What was your next travel adventure going to be before it was interrupted? Is that still the place you want to go? 

While you are at home, you can fill up your free time by looking for a perfect location for relaxing after a very stressful situation. Buy a couple of travel guidebooks and see what catches your adventure and which places get you to daydream about visiting them. Next stage: research! Get online and find out everything you can from people who traveled there, down to a tiny insider tip. 

Find the perfect community

If you want to learn about how to travel on a budget or find some hidden gems that you have never even heard about, but want to visit, the best way to accomplish that is by talking to people. But with the recommendation of social distancing in place, there are alternative ways to do that. For example, join a local travel meetup. Most of the meetups are now conducted over video calls, but the experience is still unchanged – you get to meet so many new and fascinating people who share the passion of exploring the world. Reading other travel blogs is another way to find out more about the place you want to visit. 

Without traveling so much, now is the time to save up some money for that really big adventure you wanted to have. And what a better way to secure your money than with a safebox. With so much money saved after months of quarantine, you will be able to travel the world!

Bio: Nemanja is the editor in chief @ WalkJogrun.net and TheGearHunt.com. You can find him on Twitter.

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