Our 750th Amazon review!

Time flies doesn't it. Although it feels like it was just yesterday, it has been 2 years since we started! At SAFEGO our mission has always been to look out for you and your valuables - and that will never change. Whether you are at the beach, staying at a hotel, or sending your kids to summer camps, we are grateful you have relied on our Portable Safe to protect and prevent theft of your valuables. 

SAFEGO provides the perfect compact lockbox for your cash, wallet, cell phone, car keys, and even your jewelry. We have continuously been rated one of the best portable safes in the United States, and that is in large thanks to you (all of our customers)! Although we are proud of our success, we are much more thankful for your continued support and feedback. 

But do now take our word for it... see what our customers have to say about SAFEGO.

Went on a cruise and used it ...
By Jodi
Love this. Went on a cruise and used it everyday to secure 2 pool lounge chairs. Took ashore and used on beach. Works well. A lot of people asked us about it... Where we got it and how much. We will get a lot of use out of this.

Roomier than it looks!
By Cathy
Just received my safego. Haven’t used it yet. Waiting for the warmer weather but so far easy to program with my code. Lightweight and good solid quality plastic. Big enough to hold essentials—-Phone, keys, wallet, tissues and even small sunscreen. Roomier than it looks.

This product is great to take when you go pin trips
By Marci
This product is great to take when you go pin trips. Durable material, easy to change combination. We are happy we purchased this safe go product!

This little safe is perfect for my daughter away at college
By Sue
This little safe is perfect for my daughter away at college. It's keeps documents & her jewerly safe in her dorm room.

This was great as we didn’t have to worry about our phones.
By Patricia
Recently went on a trip to Cancun. This was great as we didn’t have to worry about our phones and money and could enjoy the pool and beach!

Great wire enclosed strap and nice Key/Combination
By Online Buyer
A friend on a cruise had this. I found it on Amazon and got one right away. Now I won’t have to get a locker at a pool or beach or have to try and hide my wallet. Great item. Great wire enclosed strap and nice Key/Combination lock.

Peace of Mind
By CPon
No more worries about securing personal items while you enjoy the beach, pool, or parks! I purchased one for myself and 3 others as gifts for my sisters...we all love them! Large enough to hold your phone, cash, ID, passport, and so much more. Unlock with key or combination. Great product!!

I love this safe!
By Steven
I LOVE this safe! I regularly need a portable safe, and this is by far the best one I’ve had. It is very lightweight, yet strong, and also attractive (pink!). It gives you the ability to use a key or a code to open the safe.

A must have for cruise/beach
By Jen M.
Bought this on a suggestion from a website for a cruise we are going on. Love this!! Good quality and easy to change the passcode. Tough and durable and fits a large phones (iPhone 7plus and a Galexy S7) and has room for a few other things!!! Will be able to not worry about our stuff going missing since we will be on a beach we can clip to our beach chairs and know that our stuff will not be going anywhere. Also has enough room on the clip to add a bag strap so that our bag will also stay put!

Perfect size and weight.
By Gladys
Perfect little safe for vacation! We used it while on a cruise at the different ports so we could enjoy snorkeling without the worry of our phones and key cards being stolen. It held 2 iPhone plus phones, a wallet, and key cards easily. It was lightweight and easy to carry attached to my bag as we walked around the islands.

Combo or keys - use both
By Bridget
I used this to lock our passport up in Aruba. I honestly probably didn't need a safe but I surely didn't want to carry my passport OR have to worry about its security. I locked it around the organizer in the closet. I kept some money in there too. That way, if everything else got stolen, I'd have money to get home and my passport. I worried about the durability and if it would hold up in my luggage and it did fine. I also could've taken this to the beach and put in my beach bag locked around the chair handles and cover up w/ a towel - but that seemed like too much thinking for vacation. Someone could've come in and beat the crap out of it to get my stuff - but I figured they wouldn't go through that much effort. Thanks, Safego!

I was so happy to open it and considers it a great idea
By Christine
This was a Christmas gift for my husband. He was so happy to open it and considers it a great idea for the days we spend at the local beach. We love to leave our towels, etc. on the pool deck, but we always feel worried that our phones, money, etc. could be stolen as we walk the beach. (In fact, our money has been taken in the past.) This SAFEGO Portable Lock Box can be attached to a deck chair. We are delighted to have and use it!


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