How to Keep Your Things Safe in Hostels

Hostels present two very delicate situations to worry about: showering and sleeping.

How to keep your valuables safe is a sensible concern if you're staying at a hostel. It's true that hostels do have a more security issues compared to other types of accommodations; but despite the reputation, they're actually pretty reliable.

Before booking your trip and confirming your reservation, it's always best to do a few minutes of research. Just like any other place you'd stay, be sure and get to know your hostel and it's surroundings. Read reviews and see if previous visitors have ever complained about theft in the past. Multiple occurrences should signal a stay away. HostelWorld is a great place to check for recent reviews.

Once you are checked in, analyze the locking mechanism on your door and locker. Do they seem study and reliable or compromised from overuse? To keep rates cheap and affordable, some hostels can be stingy when it comes to these types of amenities. 

The two most common theft occurrences for hostel guests are during showers and while sleeping.

If you don't have a friend or someone else to trust to watch your belongings while you shower, we highly recommend investing in a portable safe. SAFEGO is an ideal product for these situations. It's just large enough to fit your essential items, such as your cash, passport, credit cards, and cell phone. And it's just small enough to pack  As opposed to the lockers inside hostels, with a portable safe you can ensure that you are the only person with the key or combination access.

While sleeping, it’s always best to spread your valuables out. Keep some stuff in your locker, some in a portable safe, and some on your body. In a worst case scenario, it’s much better to lose only one or two possessions versus having all of your items stolen. Find a comfortable pair of sweatpants with zipper pockets.

One last rule of thumb, which should be self-explanatory, is to stay "low-key." Try not to flash any expensive items that could catch someone's eye. For other tips and advice, check out some of the other links below.

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