Best Home Security Systems of 2021

Home security systems are essential in promoting your peace of mind when you are at home or away from home. Security systems can help you prevent break-ins and are helpful when filling out police reports. A home security system comprises motion sensors, security cameras, glass-break sensors, among others. Other systems can alert law enforcement in case of a break-in.

A security system can help you secure a discount on homeowner's insurance. If you ever want to sell your house, a robust home security system can increase your home's overall cost. There are innovations in home security systems with the introduction of systems that can be operated remotely. You can also access your system through a smartphone or tablet. Here are the best security systems for 2021.


Frontpoint security systems offer easy-to-install equipment that you can do yourself. The base package includes:

  • Two motor sensors
  • Three window and door sensors
  • A set of five window decals
  • One yard sign
  • One door sticker

What makes Frontpoint security systems reliable is their cellular signal monitoring system. This is more effective than combining Wi-Fi and cell signals. Their equipment is of high quality and enables DIY installation. The systems are easy to install, and they come with non-proprietary components, making them easier to incorporate with other providers. Additionally, they also come with a full range of home security sensors.[1]


SimpliSafe has a robust experience in providing home security systems since its inception in 2006. It offers affordable systems that are easy to install. Its base package comprises a base station, one motion and entry sensor, and a wireless keypad. This cost around $14.99 per month plus 24/7 professional alarm and environmental monitoring. Other plans like the interactive plan for $24.99 comes with extra features like remote control and system alerts.[1]


Vivint offers one of the best full-service security systems. They integrate automation technology and state-of-the-art equipment and AI technology to ensure maximum security. Some of its advantages include:

  • High-end security equipment
  • Free in-home security consultation
  • Various contract options
  • A mobile app for monitoring and control
  • Tailor-made smart security packages

Vivint systems come with smart security cameras that deter burglars and people with malicious intent. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro and Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro automatically start recording once they detect motion. One particular feature that makes them unique is the audible whistle named Smart Deter lurker.[2]


Ring Alarm home security systems are affordable and offer professional monitoring. They are easy to install and support multiple wireless components like smart locks, doorbells and locks. The base package comes with a base station, a motion sensor, a keypad, a door/window sensor, and a Z-Wave range extender. You also get an installation kit with components such as:

  • A getting started guide
  • USB power adapter and cable for the keypad
  • Mounting tape
  • AC adapter for the base station
  • An alarm kit security basics guide

There are various home security systems to choose from depending on your budget, how much security you need, and whether you want professional or DIY installation. If you choose DIY, ensure that you read the manual carefully and install the system properly for maximum security. Other measures you can take to ensure your system is effective include using strong passwords, using private Wi-Fi, and using two-factor authentication.[3]


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