Adventure More While Spending Less With These Money-Saving Travel Tips

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Some people will tell you that travel is too expensive. We won’t deny that the cost of travel can add up, but what many people don’t realize is that there are numerous ways you can save money on all kinds of travel-related expenses, making it way more affordable than you may think. SAFEGO shares some money-saving travel tips.

Getting There

Even if you take a road trip rather than flying, the wear and tear on your vehicle can be significant if you plan on driving a long distance. One alternative is to rent a car rather than adding all those miles to your own car. Popular companies like Enterprise have affordable rates and lots of models to choose from, so you can save even more by going with a car that gets great gas mileage. Another smart tip is to search online for special offers and coupons before booking your car rental because this allows you to stack extra savings.

For trips that involve flying, never assume you’ve found the best price after searching just one website. Unless you’re in a pinch and don’t have any flexibility, being strategic about your flight search can save you hundreds. For example, Thrifty Nomads explains how some sites are better than others at finding sale fares, plus many sites also show fares on a calendar so you can pick the cheapest day to fly.

Getting Around

Getting to your destination is your primary transportation expense, but you also have to get around once you’re there. If you visit a city, taking public transportation is definitely cheaper than paying for parking or taking a taxi. Of course, it’s healthier to get around on your own two feet, and walking saves more money! Even if you pay for a guided walking tour, you’ll probably spend less than you would on seeing the same sites plus playing for transportation. Or you can always use your smartphone and take your own free walking tour. Another fun alternative to walking is to rent a bike, which is an excellent form of exercise that’s cheaper than driving.

No matter how you reach your destination or how you decide to get around, you’ll want to remember to bring along a charger for your smartphone or other smart device -- the last thing you want is to end up with no charge and a useless phone. A wireless charger is ideal, as you don’t have to deal with cords and finding the right power outlet; simply place your cell on the charging pad and you’re good to go in no time, as the charging rate is accelerated. 

A Place to Rest Your Head

Just like strategic searching is your friend for finding cheap airfare, the same rule holds true for finding affordable accommodations. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, it’s worth searching across multiple platforms and looking for all discount options. Besides searching travel sites, be sure to look at the hotel’s website too because many hotels (both chains and independent hotels) will offer their best rates when you book directly with them.

If you aren’t tied to the idea of staying in a hotel, consider alternative options. Renting a home is often more affordable than a hotel room, especially if you’re traveling with a group. Or if you’re up for an adventure, travel blogger Nomadic Matt recommends all kinds of inexpensive accommodations, from a home exchange or farm stay to something more unique like staying in a monastery.

If you need some support planning your trip and accommodations, you can consult with an experienced travel professional. To find these consultants, visit freelance job platforms and filter by rating and cost of service.

Meals and Snacks

If you stay in a rental or home exchange, having access to a kitchen is an added bonus because you can prepare meals, snacks, and even picnics that are healthy and more affordable than eating out. Make sure your grocery list includes ingredients for healthy grab-and-go breakfasts, along with road trip food that’s full of nutrition.

Of course, sampling the local cuisine is part of traveling that you won’t want to miss, which is why you’ll also want strategies for eating out more affordably. For a truly local food experience that’s inexpensive, Discover suggests checking out the area’s street food scene, or choosing cafes rather than high-end restaurants. 

Some of these tips take a little extra planning, but the savings (and health benefits) will be worth it. Don’t let the fear of high prices keep you grounded! From finding cheap airfare to eating healthier, inexpensive meals when you’re on the road, these money-saving tips can make travel more affordable for anyone.

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