Extremely Helpful Items That Will Improve Your Cruise Vacation

You can find several articles on the internet about what to pack and what to wear to improve your cruise vacation.  But we are not writing this to help you with the obvious.  

Below are some fun products cruisers may never have considered bringing, and these are sure to improve your fun and relaxation throughout the duration of your cruise.

There are never enough, especially if you are sharing a room. Consider hangers that are flatter to conserve space in both your luggage and closet rod. Also, most cruise ships are built with metal in between the walls of the cabins, and using these magnifying hooks can save the day if you're short on luggage space.

You will use this portable safe constantly. It will secure your valuables when you're relaxing on the cruise deck or swimming. Lock your cruise card, cash, sunglasses, and more to your cruise chair with this lightweight portable lockbox. Try stuffing the interior with socks or other clothing to conserve space in your luggage, but it's a definite bonus to bring with you. It's also a great way to save your chair! 


When you're cruising out if the middle of nowhere, you don't have your phones on you, therefore it's easy to lose your family and friends. Carry walkie talkies at anytime to keep contact with your friends, brothers, sisters, etc. Below is one of the highest rated and affordable walkie talkies out today.

walkie talkie item for cruise ship vacations

Not only do you need this to charge your walkie talkies, but nowadays you're probably going to have an iPad to read, kids with games, cameras, and more. Try to bring a smaller version to conserve luggage space.

small power strip perfect for cruise ship use


Please bring these and please use these from the very moment you step into your cabin and throughout the duration of the cruise. It's best for everyone.

bring antibacterial wipes on your cruise ship vacation


Cruises allow you to bring one bottle of wine. Need we say more? Actually yes, don't forget the opener.

don't forget your wine opener on your cruise vacation

All of these items can easily fit in your luggage if you pack correctly and pack light. Over-packing is fun, and sometimes necessary, but if there's ever a time you should pack lighter than usual, it's for a cruise vacation.


"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"