Here's Why You Should Own a Portable Safe

Why use a Portable Safe in public?
Protecting your Smart Phone marks the top reason.  

In today's world, most people carry with them items considered to be indispensable. These include wallets usually containing debit and credit cards, identification, and of course our Smart Phones. 

More than one in ten people in the United States are reported to have had their phone stolen at some point. iPhones go for hundreds on the black market, making it a favorite for the average street criminal. Much of this type of theft is reported in populated areas. In fact, statistics show that 44% of phone theft occur when they are left in a public place, unguarded and unprotected, even for just a brief period of time.

Finally, smart phone owners can enjoy a nice day at the beach or pool with their valuables locked and secured. SAFEGO, a convenient, easy-to-carry, portable safe, is a new product trying to stop these types of crimes. Most outdoor safes and outdoor lock boxes are either too cheap, or far too expensive and heavy. SAFEGO combines the durability needed to deter thieves, and the functionality to make it easy to use everywhere, and for all ages.

Theft prevention tactics must start immediately. Don't worry, SAFEGO is here to help!

SAFEGO can be considered a Key Safe or a Combination Lock Box.  The new security device is made with a rust-resistant, nicked plated lock, with the unique feature to allow access with the use of either a key or a custom combination. The patented and innovative design of SAFEGO locks personal belongings with a flexible, heavy-duty steel cable to wrap around fixed objects.  See the action photos below.  This product can be used in almost any public and populated area.  

SAFEGO is large enough to fit and lock the most important items typically carried in public, and yet small enough to carry around as a portable safe. 

Visit the website now to see how useful this new security safe can become for all travelers worldwide, or perhaps anyone simply wanting to be stress-free in public environments. SAFEGO can easily be secured at beaches, pools, parks, cruise ships...the locations are endless!  

"This is the single greatest purchase I've made in the last 12 months. Highly recommend!"