4 Creative Tips for Making Your Home More Secure

We're well aware of the fact that we should shut our doors, lock our windows and use the peephole before opening our door. However, many homeowners wonder what else they can do to make their homes much safer. We contacted several top companies that buy houses to provide some creative tips homeowners can use to improve their home security.

1) Show How Much You Love The Second Amendment 

Most criminals are used to seeing alarm signs. They're also aware that many homeowners may display an alarm sign in front of their home, but fail to actually invest in a functioning alarm system. One of the signs that a burglar will not second guess, is a gun ownership sign. Even if you don't own a firearm, there's no reason why you shouldn't consider getting a gun ownership sign that features a bit of humor such as "Home Security 101: When In Doubt, Shoot Em Again".

Most criminals look for 'easy targets' and will steer clear of a gun owner because they want to avoid the possibility of getting into a shootout with the homeowner. From the burglar's perspective, it's a no-win situation. Either, they get the owner and risk getting thrown away in prison for the rest of their lives, or the homeowner may get them, as to which, they could end up dying. The point being, burglars view gun ownership signs as a bigger threat than a possibly fake alarm sign.

2) Neighborhood Gossip

Every neighborhood has that one person who seems as if they know more about everyone's life than their own life. Despite the nuisances these people may cause, they serve as a great deterrent to crime. And they are the most likely ones who will have no problem cooperating with authorities by providing detailed descriptions.

So, by contacting the said person, you can encourage them to keep an eye on your property whenever you're away. For instance, if you notice that they tend to use the porch a lot, maybe you could present them with a chair as a gift. By doing this you can rest assured that their nosy nature will make them more than happy to become the local neighborhood security guard. 

3) Home Automation 

Everyone knows what a smart home is. They feature a technologically advanced system that helps to take care of tedious tasks such as controlling the lights. Home automation can help to provide an added layer of security in several ways as well. You can check to see if your doors are locked while you're at home, you can turn your lights on at night, if you plan to take a vacation for a few days and you can scare away potential intruders, by using a smart doorbell. You can even turn your TV on every night while you're on vacation to make any potential burglar believe that you're still home. In addition to that, you can also get a video feed whenever someone enters your property.

4) Hide Your Valuables In Unusual Places

Security consultant Keith Pachulski proclaims that you need to purchase blackout blinds as well as to keep them close, so as to not advertise how your home is an ideal target for a burglary. In the event that a burglar does get into your home, they will try to get the lightest and most valuable things they can find such as identity-related documents, small electronics, and jewelry. 

Many convicted burglars have stated that they typically check bedside tables, cabinets, and dresser drawers because people tend to 'hide' valuables in these areas. Therefore, you should consider the possibility of hiding your valuables in unusual places such as putting your jewelry in an empty tissue box right next to the plunger in the bathroom

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